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To my Mentors, with love.

“Guru Govind dou khade, kake laagon paavn;

 Balihaari guru aapki, Govind diyo banay.”

“Mentor and God both are standing together, whom should I respect first (by touching his feet). Then I thought mentor should be worshiped first because his teachings made someone God OR, even God has a teacher/mentor.”  –  This is the literal meaning of the lines which tell about the importance of a mentor or GURU. If you have a good teacher he will always show you a correct path in life, besides teaching good things in a good way. If you are in sports you need to have a good coach in order to learn all aspects of the game concerned.

first teacher of life - mom

Mom - the first teacher of life

The very first teacher of life is mom (or family). The basic things of life we learn from our home – what is good for us what should be avoided etc. Then comes formal education and the role of school and teachers come into play. For a kid a good , healthy and innovative atmosphere of study is essential. There should be no fear of asking questions.

But what I felt , not all the teachers are the same. Some are more liberal, some don’t give much importance to the actual role of a mentor, they just take classes for their livelihood. Some are too strict (and therefore scary) and they need only one thing in class – silence. Only a few are there who are well-balanced in and outside classroom – They are the true mentors who give us valuable advice related to our studies, career and life; for whom our head bows with respect. My geography teacher in school was one of this kind – Excellent knowledge of his subject, always used various teaching aids in order to make things simple to understand, frankly told what data we need to cram and what points we need to understand, always helped in extra – curricular activities and encouraged to participate in activities at interschool / zonal / regional levels. He was a very good speaker both in Hindi and English and had lots of responsibilities of school…. Today I’ve no idea of his whereabouts but I always remember him as one of the best teachers I had.

On Teacher’s day (5th Sept), which is celebrated as Birthday of Dr. SarvaPalli Radha Krishnanan, the students of class 11th and 12th were given charge of the whole school, they became teachers for one day !! It gave us a huge sense of responsibility. Time – tables were studied and classes were distributed accordingly. A discipline  committee made of senior students, would be vigilant all the day. Teachers just coming and enjoying their special day and watching their students playing their role. Few teachers judged the teaching method of senior students and prizes were given to best teachers (senior student teachers) of the day. After recess, a small programme and High tea were organised in respect of teachers. It was really an occasion we all students waited for the whole year !!

In college also one or two profs were good but the care and love we get at school start vanishing slowly – may be we are grown ups and don’t need that much care. We also start using our own head rather than listening to someone….Lastly, my project guide was also a genius prof. Having tremendous knowledge of his subject, he was also brilliant in other fields and always willing to learn new tools and techniques to make a subject intresting…

Just want to say, I’m thankful to all my teachers who helped me in shaping my life.


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