The Indian Idol Show

From past few weeks I was watching Indian Idol on sony and was awestruck by the preformances of the three finalists. Out of the three, the most knowledgeable was Devendra Pal Singh. Vipul Mehta had versatility which took him far. Amit was of course my third choice because he has a powerful voice but in soft songs he is not that good. Vipul Mehta won and he was awarded with so many things..Congrats to Him. He was superb in “ tu ramta jogi tu ramta jogi hai “.

Earlier, Amit was gifted a guitar and a Suzuki Hayate. Amit’s best performance was “marjaani marjaani,”

I’m feeling too sad for Devendra. He was too deserving. His best were – “Mujhe raat din, Jaane kya chahe man” and one more classical based song which i don’t remember right now, it was some Virah song. The Indian Idol show organisers should give some reward to the other two finalists also , apart from the winner. Hope Devendra Pal gets his share soon.


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    neethi said,

    I agree..Devender was too good and he should get his share of victory for his talent…i loved him in every show…Vipul and Amit were good too..I feel this year the most deserving ones made to the final….It was such a pleasure watching them perform…It always made me forget the insecurities I was dealing in life………Thanks to the show!!

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      rubygem88 said,

      yes Neethi,
      Devendra is talented one. I wish him good luck and hope something better awaits him.
      And yes this time the level of the show was high and the quality too good.

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