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Bryan Adams rocked Hyderabad

16th Feb 2011 was a great day for music lovers in Hyderabad and was a dream come true for me. I loved Jagjit Singh’s Ghazals from childhood while I started loving Bryan Adams songs during my college years. I don’t know how a person can love Jagjit Singh’s Ghazals and Bryan Adams music at the same time, but it is true for me. Both are soothing and pleasant.

The very first song of Bryan Adams which I heard was “everything I do, I do it for you” and I was completely in love with the voice, its depth and his soothing guitar. Since then, this love has not stopped.

When I heard the news of Bryan Adams coming to Hyderabad, I thanked GOD for the same. Booked the ticket and confirmed everything 10 times.

On  16th Feb we reached the venue on time and around 8: 00 p.m. The guitar maestro arrived on stage. Everything after that was amazing. He introduced his band members and then he sang all my favourite songs one by one. Please forgive me, Cuts like a knife, Lets make a night, Everything I do, Summer of 69, cloud no 9 and many more….

It was a day to remember. It was a day to be happy. It was a dream come true. I thanked Almighty for that day.



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More Pics from Calgary Zoo

I would like to share more pictures from The Calgary Zoo. I must say the Flamingos were the star attraction.

The Whooping Crane

The Whooping Crane


The Dall's Sheep

The Dall’s Sheep





















The Elk

The Elk

The Grizzly Bear

The Grizzly Bear

The Flamingo

The Flamingo

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The Calgary ZOO – Home of Penguins, Flamingos and Big Horn Sheep

Reaching The Calgary Zoo is a wonderful experience. If you are aware of the LRT or C- Train, just get into the one which is going towards saddletowne (North East). On the way there is a station dedicated to Calgary zoo which comes just after Bridgeland / Memorial and before Barlow/Maxbell. Get down at the Calgary Zoo station and you are at the entrance of the zoo.  WOW !!

The first creatures to welcome you are The Penguins at The Penguin Plunge !!. The flightless birds with an upright stance and having flippers instead of wings. What a marvelous creature ! They can walk on earth and swim gracefully in water. Their flippers help them to swim and the most important thing which I noticed was that their swim pattern (movement of flippers) was quite similar to flight of a bird. (As if Penguins fly in water !!!)  . I liked the King Penguin the most and I must say that the Calgary Zoo has put up a great effort in maintaining the living conditions suitable for The Penguins.

Did I tell you they are not afraid of Humans? They give you a warm welcome, beaming with confidence with an exceptional upright gait.


The King Penguin

The King Penguin

The Canadian Wild Section was entirely new thing to me. I encountered The Mule Deer, The BigHorn Sheep, The Rocky Mountain Goat, The Dall’s Sheep,The Grizzly Bear, The Caribou and The Muskox, to name a few. The Muskox looked closer to The Yak.

On the way to Eurasia Section we met rain and entered Kitamba Cafe to get some food and drink to keep ourselves going. When we came out of the cafe a Peacock (Peafowl) was sitting at the entrance of cafe – What an excellent Eurasian welcome was it !!

We met The two humped Bactrian Camel, One horned Rhinoceros, The Eurasian Lynx, The Japanese Macaque, The Snow Leopard, The Himalayan Monal , Amur Tigers, Wild Boar, The Markhor and The Alpine Ibex. The Monal is a bird which is colorful and the Ibex were quite close to goats. There were Fallow deer and Japanese Serow waiting for us to meet and greet. Those Deer had the most innocent eyes, I must say !!

Our next goal was The Enmax Conservatory. I did not expect such place in a zoo (they are more close to botanical gardens) but to my surprise, the conservatory had variety of Flora !!! Devil’s tongue, Queen Sago (Cycas circinalis), Flame violets, Red Betel Vine, Bananas, Sugarcane, Papaya, Red Button Costus, Pomegranate, Sacred Fig, all were there. The most fascinating was Lobster Claw. At last there was Funeral tree – I wonder how it got this name??On the other side of the green house were the butterflies and moths. They were just completing the picture.

Wait did you say I miss something? Well, yes The Flamingos. They were just awesome pinkish birds and were able to stand on their feet for a long time. It was a delight to see those birds.

The Calgary Zoo is really a big one so anyone visiting make sure to plan advance. For us, we need another visit to explore The prehistoric park and Destination Africa.

All the best Zoo-goers !!


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The Taste of Calgary 2014 (AUG 14th – AUG 17th)

Today I went to “The Taste of Calgary” fest 2014. Two more days are left (Aug 14th to Aug 17th). It is taking place adjacent to the Eu Claire YMCA. There are numerous food stalls – Vietnamese, Chinese, African, Canadian (Of Course), Indian and many more, plus a beverage garden for drinks. You can have plenty of food in lieu of the tickets. Tickets are available in exchange of Canadian Dollars. There is a main stage where various bands/ artists are performing. Well, there was a spray/mist tent to keep you fresh and cool.

Tried coconut avocado smoothie, chowmein, chicken 65 and samosa. The aroma of food,the music, the mist and the people from all over the world made it a memorable day. 🙂

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The city of Calgary


Calgary is a very beautiful city in Alberta province of Canada. Its one of the best tourist destinations in North America. The weather is quite characteristic with snowfalls from October till March/April. It has a long winter followed by a very short spring and summer with rains. I’m expecting to see fall colours during Autumn.

The city has a convenient system of C-Trains which is quite unique. There are numerous parks – a feature which I love the most about the city. The Calgary Public Library is one of the assets of the city with a very helping staff. It runs several programs throughout the year for people of all age group and ethnicity. It is one of the best places to visit if you are a newcomer and you want to become familiar with the city (and for your survival in an alien land). The superstores are Safeway (food and daily needs), CO-OP(Food), The Walmart (for everything else).

Wait, do you know that sometimes, temperature reaches to -40*C in winters, so how do people walk in that much of chill?? Well, Calgary has a very beautiful system of +15 Walkway which connects almost all important office buildings from one or another way, eateries, medicals, The beautiful Devonian Gardens (Indoor Garden), The TD square or the core shopping complex and others. So, just enter at any end of +15 walkway and reach your destination without coming out in the chilly weather. WOW !! That’s something marvelous !! A brilliant idea combined with engineering for Human Survival. Kudos to Calgary and its people for that !!

Well, penning down for today, but there’s much more stuff to see and explore, so come along…..

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A cup of Tea…..

This post is dedicated to all TEA – LOVERS.

A lovely morning is never complete without a cup of tea. A beautiful evening is all alone without a cup of tea. A movie break is a perfect time for a cup of tea. Need a break from studies? Have some tea. A rainy day cannot pass without a hot ginger tea. Sit at a place from where you can watch raindrops falling on a tree, with your favourite cuppa and you don’t need anything else. Winter is welcomed with Tulsi – Ginger tea. Sometimes, the best remedy for a headache is a Tea……

Once I read few lines about tea , I don’t remember where exactly but they were too good and I’m sharing….

“The first bowl soothes the throat, while the second banishes lonliness. At the third bowl, I search my soul and find 5,000 volumes of ancient poems. With the fourth bowl, a slight perspiration washer away all unhappy things. At fifth bowl, my bones and muscles are cleansed. With the sixth bowl, I am in communication with the immortal spirit. The seventh bowl? It is forbidden : already  a cool , ethereal breeze begins to soother my whole body.”

Well, its time for tea 🙂  ….

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Winter Wonder…

Every season has its own charm. The Winter is most charming , I must say. Think of winter and what comes to my mind is foggy mornings, dew and mist, several cups of hot tea, geyser and of course woollens. Sun becomes the best friend. My grandmother used to put all woollen clothes in sunlight for 2-3 days before we started putting them on. Days become short but full of activity. You can roam in daylight without any problem. Everyone comes out for Sun. All outdoor games become pleasant.

Another reason why winter is good is that it brings Green Peas (Matar). I’m not that kind who loves to get everything round the year. I don’t like the concept of frozen peas. Get a bunch , open the pods and eat fresh or cook aaloo-matar (ghugnee) or choora-matar (matar poha) or make matar stuffed paranthas. Another typical curry of matar is Nimona which is my favourite.

The New Year arrives in winter, the dates start repeating with another year and there is much excitement about new calendars and new diary. Christmas decorations add more beauty to winter. Cakes and gifts for kids and friends and sending new year greeting cards to near and dear ones. I still send greeting cards to my loved ones. I feel internet is not able to create that magic of a card, with a message written with hand.

Then comes Makara Sankranti – A significant festival and a celestial phenomenon. The Sun ends its southward journey and start moving towards north i.e., towards tropic of cancer. Sesame seeds (til) and jaggery laddoos , gajak, khichadi with dahi – choora come into the picture. The more beauty is added by the colourful kites.

Few things like Amla,  sweet potato (shakarkand) are gift of winter. Nature is so beautiful and systematic that if a change in weather occurs, it also brings the suitable kind of vegetation for the season. So, lets stay warm and enjoy winter with your favourite cuppa……………

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