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The Calgary ZOO – Home of Penguins, Flamingos and Big Horn Sheep

Reaching The Calgary Zoo is a wonderful experience. If you are aware of the LRT or C- Train, just get into the one which is going towards saddletowne (North East). On the way there is a station dedicated to Calgary zoo which comes just after Bridgeland / Memorial and before Barlow/Maxbell. Get down at the Calgary Zoo station and you are at the entrance of the zoo.  WOW !!

The first creatures to welcome you are The Penguins at The Penguin Plunge !!. The flightless birds with an upright stance and having flippers instead of wings. What a marvelous creature ! They can walk on earth and swim gracefully in water. Their flippers help them to swim and the most important thing which I noticed was that their swim pattern (movement of flippers) was quite similar to flight of a bird. (As if Penguins fly in water !!!)  . I liked the King Penguin the most and I must say that the Calgary Zoo has put up a great effort in maintaining the living conditions suitable for The Penguins.

Did I tell you they are not afraid of Humans? They give you a warm welcome, beaming with confidence with an exceptional upright gait.


The King Penguin

The King Penguin

The Canadian Wild Section was entirely new thing to me. I encountered The Mule Deer, The BigHorn Sheep, The Rocky Mountain Goat, The Dall’s Sheep,The Grizzly Bear, The Caribou and The Muskox, to name a few. The Muskox looked closer to The Yak.

On the way to Eurasia Section we met rain and entered Kitamba Cafe to get some food and drink to keep ourselves going. When we came out of the cafe a Peacock (Peafowl) was sitting at the entrance of cafe – What an excellent Eurasian welcome was it !!

We met The two humped Bactrian Camel, One horned Rhinoceros, The Eurasian Lynx, The Japanese Macaque, The Snow Leopard, The Himalayan Monal , Amur Tigers, Wild Boar, The Markhor and The Alpine Ibex. The Monal is a bird which is colorful and the Ibex were quite close to goats. There were Fallow deer and Japanese Serow waiting for us to meet and greet. Those Deer had the most innocent eyes, I must say !!

Our next goal was The Enmax Conservatory. I did not expect such place in a zoo (they are more close to botanical gardens) but to my surprise, the conservatory had variety of Flora !!! Devil’s tongue, Queen Sago (Cycas circinalis), Flame violets, Red Betel Vine, Bananas, Sugarcane, Papaya, Red Button Costus, Pomegranate, Sacred Fig, all were there. The most fascinating was Lobster Claw. At last there was Funeral tree – I wonder how it got this name??On the other side of the green house were the butterflies and moths. They were just completing the picture.

Wait did you say I miss something? Well, yes The Flamingos. They were just awesome pinkish birds and were able to stand on their feet for a long time. It was a delight to see those birds.

The Calgary Zoo is really a big one so anyone visiting make sure to plan advance. For us, we need another visit to explore The prehistoric park and Destination Africa.

All the best Zoo-goers !!



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Sydney – Part 2

…..continued from Sydney Part -1 (

We were damn tired and slept like kumbhkarna after 1st day of Sydney tour. Next morning we got up without any alarm and reached the circular quay at 9:00 am. We got Matilda cruise which took us to Taronga Zoo We got a cable car which took us to the zoo entrance – A nice way to enter the zoo – You can have a view of sea, opera house, Harbour Bridge and animals.

In the zoo we found several deadly reptiles, lions, tigers, hippopotamus, Ostriches, Elephants, Koalas and many other animals . Of course there were GIRAFFE and ZEBRA.  There was a fabulous sealion show which again was a presentation of Harmony of man and another animal……And sometimes we don’t understand what other man is saying and we fight among each other…

I got some pics and would let them do the rest of talking…..

Giraffe posing with Opera house

Black n White

a pic while going to the zoo 

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Sydney : The Rocking n Happening City – 1

The Sydney Opera House

Yesterday, talking about Giraffe as the animal with longest cervical vertebrae, I told my friends about where I saw the first giraffe of my life and that reminded me of my Sydney Trip. The nostalgia is still there – Thanks to everyone who made it a memorable trip of my Life. I would like to mention Napoleon on Kent – The serviced apartment, where we stayed. It was a very convenient location and The Darling Harbour was just 10 minutes away from it while the circular quay was 15 – 20 minutes in the other direction. It was at intersection of Napoleon and Kent streets. (219,Kent Street, Sydney, NSW 2000) (Nearby railway Station – Wynyard Railway Station).
So, How it happened ?
Well, we reached Sydney in the morning from Brisbane and after check – in and usual stuff, we headed towards Circular Quay. It was the most lively and adventurous place I saw in Sydney. Facing the sea it has 6 Wharfs, from where you can choose your way to cruise. Some of the names I remember are Matilda, Thomas cook etc. We gathered Information from Tourist Information Centre and obtained a 2 day Sydney tour pass. (There are many choices depending on how much time do you have ).
Soon after getting the pass we started for the Opera house tour but we were stopped by a different kind of music. We were unable to prevent ourselves from tapping our feet. Decided to look for the source we end up meeting the Indigenous Australians (Aboriginals) playing an instrument named didgeridoo (also known as a didgeridoo or didge) using their mouth. It was a hollow wooden pipe of 1.5 meter, very beautifully decorated. The player needs to blow air through the mouthpiece and at the same time try to make some noise. It was an Aerophone / natural wooden trumpet. The man was playing music and selling recorded CDs of his music. I bought one and it’s still the most different kind of music I’ve heard. (The aboriginals are the original inhabitants of Australia.)

The Circular Quay @ Sydney

Heading towards Opera house we met several tourists who were in awe with the liveliness of the place. WOW ! AMAZING ! MARVELLOUS ! was the expression on seeing Opera house from outside. Sydney Opera house – I must say its an epitome of Modern architecture with the sea (pacific ocean) giving its a perfect company. We went for the guided tour of Opera house which included a visit to some of the theatres and we were lucky to saw one ballet rehearsal. It was a nice

A didgeridoo Player @ Circular Quay, Sydney

choreography and it reminded me of the Opera house scene from movie Dil Chahta hai. Collecting the photographs, we concluded the Opera house tour and came out of the beautiful creation of man. (Those who have seen Lotus / Bahai Temple  in New Delhi may feel a resemblance of the same with Opera house.) What a place !!

Then, it was time for sea adventures. We went for Jet cruise and then jet speed boating. Both were unique in their own ways. Jet cruise allowed kids also but jet speed boating was not for kids – it was a speed boat with 20 – 25  capacity with a captain and used to give a spin amidst the sea. Next moment you could be singing “water, water everywhere…..” It was a breathtaking experience.

We were damn hungry after the thrilling rides and decided to fill our bellies. There were variety of food n snacks stalls outlining the sea – side

Proud  Mr. Ravishankar and Anoushka

A poster @ Sydney Opera House

and later on we found an Indian Restaurant too which was having a Ganesha idol at the entrance. (Food is never a problem in Australia.)  We went to the Royal Botanic Gardens nearby Opera house for a walk. Its very charming to walk along the sea.

Another major attaction is The Harbour Bridge which is most clearly visible while cruising / speedboating. You can also climb on the bridge with permission and get a certificate of the same !! It is a steel through arch bridge across Sydney Harbour that carries all kind of traffic, be it rail, vehicular, bicycle or pedestrian, between the Sydney CBD and theNorth Shore. The beautiful  view of the bridge, the harbour, and the nearby Sydney Opera House is an iconic representation of Sydney or you can say Australia. …….to be continued…….    



The Sydney Harbour Bridge

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HMDA Park – Near Hyderguda, Rajendra Nagar Mandal, Hyderabad

These are some pics from a small park in Hyderguda area in Hyderabad.

The complete address is – HMDA  Chinna Talla Kunta Park, Hyderguda, Rajendra Nagar.

Landmark : Opposite to Pillar No. 152 of P.V. Narsimha Rao Expressway (which starts near Mehdipattnam and goes till AaramGhar and turns right towards Agricultural University).

A Ticket of Rs. 10 is charged, kids go free.

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Voter id related info for people in AP

How to Get an voter id in AP

Hi folks !!

 its time for some information. If you have any problem related to your voter id card in AP, follow the link given below and click on the e-registration option. I hope this is going to help you. Have a nice day !!

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