wp1 I’m a microorganism of this huge, wonderful universe, who loves to share thoughts and give opinions (wanted or unwanted, i don’t really care 🙂 )

My intrests are –

India and Society – Being an Indian, this is Obvious.

Common Ailments and Home Remedies – They help a lot.

Travel and Tourism – I want to see the whole world !! (I know you are laughing, but a dream is a dream. )

Information – Anything useful which I think, could benefit others.

Photographs – I love nature and GREENARY.

Movie and Book Reviews.

Will keep on adding if my intrests grow in other dimensions.

I don’t post pics of people without their consent and don’t write anything about anybody unless I’m asked to do so.

So, come, read, enjoy,stay and keep me motivated by giving your valuable suggestions / comments. 🙂


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7 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    saumya said,

    All d very best to you !

  2. 3

    Rachna said,

    Glad to see you are still writing… I haven’t read your blog in a while..

  3. 5

    ZAHEER said,

    Is there a way, I can subscribe or get feeds about your blogs or updates? I am planning to give a try at writing blogs, (I am not intending to write anything about nature, not my type, obviously…) I am a tech savvy guy and want to share my knowledge at least with friends. Thanks.

  4. 6

    ZAHEER said,

    hola… got it now..

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