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God’s Sixth Day Creation

A ForestAccording to Mythology, God created man on 6th day and was happy to see his best creation.

The early man was just like animals, his needs were food and shelter from bad weather and other harmful animals, so he lived in caves. Gradually he invented fire, started cooking. When he learned about agriculture, he started building a house for shelter and thus civilization was introduced…. 

Modern man invented technology, he invented electricity and then came the Iron age – Industries were set up in order to meet demands of man and nowadays everything in a home comes from outside. Man was not satisfied with his EARTHY Exploration so he went to SEE the moon. Man wanted to know about each and every thing happening around the world, In order to fulfill his wishes he didn’t spare the SPACE; he sent satellites and created space-stations.

 I don’t know about the origin of different races and countries; probably it happened due to migration of some groups and then their segregation from each other. Man divided the EARTH into several continents, countries with well defined borders and security forces. He was not satisfied with land security so he divided water and air also and now has air force, armed forces and naval forces(wherever applicable).

He learned reading, writing and expressing himself in different languages…He worked hard and earned luxary…He was living the happiest life and enjoying his self proclaimed position of controller in the Ecosystem.

This was the happier side of the story…..

The sad part is that, because of his immortal and unlimited wishes, the mother EARTH has suffered, more than a lot. The beautiful system of ozone layer, to protect  the earth from harmful rays, coming from sun, is undergoing depletion. The reason is the dramatic increase in the concentration of hydroxyl, nitric oxide radicals and the atomic chlorine and bromine – these were always present in the nature but MAN has terribly increased their concentration.

The global warming is on an all time high – thanks to the industrialization, leading to more and more emission of greenhouse gases which tend to absorb the sun’s radiation and keeping our planet warm. These gases were there in the past but due to the “Happy Man’s Life” their concentration has elevated like anything – the consequences – Polar Ice caps will melt, increasing the level of sea. There will be more hurricanes,heat waves, droughts, and diseases.

These are the major outcomes of The Man’s Evolution.

So what, The happy Man will shift to the mountains or will move to another suitable place in space”. There will be a struggle for existence (read it : WAR), leading to the survival of the fittest (the mightiest).

I wonder how GOD should be feeling about his 6th day creation…….

He must be feeling apologetic to his all other creations, He must be CRYING over his mistake and saying to himself ” WHY I CREATED THE MAN ?? WHY I CREATED THE MAN??”  


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