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SeaWorld – Gold Coast – Pics

star fish

Star Fishes @ seaworld

Imagine….Dolphin show
dancing dolphins

Dancing Dolphins @sea world

Elmo's Sea Subs

Polar Bear

The Polar Bear @ sea worldKidz Zone

sea world
Beautiful Sea World @GoldCoast, Australia
sea lion

A Sea-Lion

how we interfere

How we interfere


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Sea World – Gold Coast

Sea world is a theme park based on marine life and is situated at Sea World Drive, 3 km north of Surfers Paradise on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

How to get there?? Well, we took the Gold Coast train at 8:00 am from the roma street station and reached to Helensvale station in an hour. From there we got the bus for sea world and it took 25 minutes to reach there. 

the monorail

Monorail @Sea world

At the entrance we met Sesame street ( Gali Gali Sim Sim /pogo channel) characters, posing with kids. Kids were too happy to meet their favourite characters (Elmo looked the brightest of all). Near the entrance were the monorail station and the ropeway halt. For having a picturesque view of sea world, one must try the monorail and the ropeway. the best part is – these are free of cost. For a  wider and  bird eye view of the area, helicopter rides are there with a fee of 55 AUD /person /10 min approx.

After getting an idea of the place, we headed to the dolphin cove, where Beautiful dolphins were dancing to the tunes of human being. I knew that dolphins have got stong smelling- power and are capable of understanding human actions but knowing something and watching it are different aspects. A show was running demonstrating how we can live in harmony with other creatures of this planet. A trained staff was having a ride over a dolphin and it was too fast. Then those dolphins responded to palm movements, head movement of humans and to the rhythms. It’s magical for me to see the closeness of man and other animals. At least I can never try that.

There were several rides – jet rescue, cork screw – all horrifying for me. Screams of people who were riding scared me. One BERMUDA TRIANGLE RIDE was there which was not so speedy so I did not miss the chance. It showed the possible happenings which occurred to the lost planes and ships and was a good try.

 The Sesame Street Beach was a heaven for kids. It had train and helicopter rides, merry-go-round, bird bouncer, and a splash zone. A show featuring all sesame street characters was there and not only kids but everyone danced to their tunes.

Wait wait….in the animal section there were Polar Bears, sharks,sting rays, sea urchins, star fishes; and you could hand feed some of them. I wanted to spend some more time watching the beauty of sea world inhabitants but …..there’s always a time limit for everything (???????)

There were plenty of food stalls, food from outside is not allowed unless you have special dietary requirement.

It was a beautiful day in a beautiful place. I’m planning to go once more…..Amen !

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The Cassowary @ Australia Zoo

A Cassowary - One of the largest birds of the world !!

A Cassowary - One of the largest birds of the world !!

The Cassowary

The Cassowary - Smaller only than Ostrich and Emu

I was really amazed by the height of the bird….I contacted an staff member at the Australia zoo and got some intresting facts about the bird ~ 

A cassowary is a FLIGHTLESS BIRD (of course I knew this). Adult Cassowaries are 1.5 to 1.8 metres tall, although some females may reach 2 metres, and weigh about 58 kilograms.

 A special feature of a cassowary is the three-toed feet having sharp claws. The second toe, the inner one in the medial position, has a dagger-like claw. This claw is particularly fearsome since cassowaries are known to kick humans and animals with their enormously powerful legs, when disturbed.

 Cassowaries can run up to 50 km/h through the dense forest. They can jump up to 1.5 metres and they are good swimmers, crossing wide rivers and swimming in the sea as well. Cassowaries are solitary birds except during courtship, egg-laying, and sometimes around ample food supplies. (Source of information – Australia Zoo Staff)

 For more informatin on cassowaries in Australia zoo CLICK HERE.

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Pics from Australia Zoo

Awesome performance@crocoseum

Awesome performance@crocoseum

Croc baski ng after lunch@crocoseum

Croc basking after lunch@crocoseum

Croc show@crocoseum

Croc show@crocoseum





The Wallabies

The Wallabies



A koala - looks happy

A koala - looks happy

Koala cuddling a tree

Koala cuddling a tree

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Australia Zoo

Trip to Australia Zoo

We caught the train from Roma street Rail Station at 8:05 a.m. for the Beerwah station. It took almost 75 minutes to reach Beerwah. From Beerwah rail station we took the shuttle, run by australia zoo,  which took us to destination in just 5 minutes.

At the entrance there was a metallic “Family Statue” of Irwins, holding a crocodile. I admired that and asked who were they? “You don’t know Steve Irwin and his family???” A friend of mine questioned, surprisingly.(Just like the Orient PSPO advertisement – “ye PSPO nahi jaanta”). He was (he is no more) the CROCODILE HUNTER and australia zoo is home of his family.

Ok, I will do my research on Irwins later, lets checkout the zoo – I told myself.

The day started with the zoo staff members holding the snakes, lizards in their hands as if they were the most vulnerable and harmless creatures. How close were they to those repetiles, I can’t think of doing that even in my dreams. There were turtles, crocodiles…….

At 10:30 a.m. it was the time for Elephant Feed – visitors were allowed to feed the elephants with fruits – it was fun for kids. We headed to Crocoseum to catch the 11 a.m. show.  It was a kind of open air theatre – around 5000 seats and a ground / stage  in the middle. Trained Staff members called upon various colorful birds, asian elephants, snakes and crocodiles. A crocodile was fed by a lady and after satisfying his hunger he laid quitely under the sun. It was amazing to see the closeness of Human being and the animals … I was wondering – If animals can understand our language and respond well to us why we humans fight with each other on some differences? ?

There was an awesome choreographic preformence by Korean dancers and in the end a song was sung to pay a tribute to Steve Irwin – their hero.

It was the time for meeting KOALAS – the most cuddly animals on the earth, i guess. It was giving an impression of a soft toy kept on a tree. So soft and not disturbed by the presence of humans. We all patted the Koala who was cuddling a staff member. Then facts about camels. A small Kids Zoo was there where kids could feed calves, goats, sheeps and see pups and piglets. there was a competition among kids to feed the animals  – and immediately after that everybody was offered a handwash.

At 1:45 p.m. we headed to the food court for lunch. The staff members entertained us with python around their neck, birds sitting happily on their arms and koala in their lap.

Then we met the brush turkey (common in parks and backyard gardens) and Cassowary (endangered species)- it is a flightless bird and very tall, the tallest one I’ve seen; next to ostrich and emu and prefers fruits to other things. Watching the fauna with delight we entered the Roo Heaven – home to kangaroos and wallabies. But we met the Echidna first. I read about this spiny ant eater in my graduation and had never imagined that one day I would be meeting the animal. Its a monotreme – an egg laying mammal (nowadays found only in Australia and New Guinea) and has spines covering the body. We bought the kangaroo food and headed towards the kangaroos. They were accepting their food by humans very generously, allowing us to capture them. I was really amazed by the morphology – two short limbs, two long limbs, a very strong tail which is used while sitting and a “Pouch” (marsupium). A baby was trying to get inside the marsupium of his mother – its very difficult to describe that moment. We spent ample time with kangaroos feeding them..

In Wetlands we met Jabiru (black necked stork), swans, Bruce Brolga………….all in their habitats.

Wait , there was a pony ride for kids. Kids wearing helmet enjoyed a small ride on a pony, accompanied by a staff member. South East Asia Section had tigers and elephants..and a Temple of Ganesh Bhagwan. was 4 p.m. and we had to catch the last shuttle at 4:10 p.m. in order to reach the Beerwah rail station. We ran to the entrance and got the shuttle on time. From station the train started at 6:30 p.m. and we reached caboolture from where we took another train for CBD/Roma street station.

 All my way in the train I was sitting completely quiet, thanking God for giving me the privilege to get an insight into a small portion of his huge and amazing creation. All I can say that Nature is Wonderful – love it and respect it.

Will be posting few pics from Australia zoo very soon.

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