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Gali Gali Sim Sim – Indian Sesame Street

Happy 40th Anniversary Sesame Street !! 



Gali gali sim sim was a serendipity to me. Once I was crawling through the tv channels at 2:00 pm in order to get a company for lunch at home (food without a company is a curse for me), I saw this programme on POGO channel. I never liked cartoons and animations. But this programme was something different and it was this difference which made me to stick to it. It is aimed at the kids, ready for formal pre school education. But the presentation is so beautiful that I sometimes watch it for the whole 30 minutes. The main characters were CHAMKI – a 5 year old girl, a lion, googly, and few more; now i cannot recall the names. There was an Akshar Kumar who taught one alphabet a day. There were intresting ways of learning shapes, colours, name of fruits and vegetables. And one child from any part of the world was introduced telling about his place of living, where his father/any other member of family works and how they work. It was so fun to watch those intresting explainations from young children.

The song of gali gali sim sim was :  

Kuch to mast baat hai is jagah ki,

gali gali me baat hai is jagah ki,

yaha hai khalbali har cheez manchali,

ticket ho ya na ho, ye gari chal pari….. gali gali sim sim, gali gali sim sim….

Googly wanted to go to space, Chamki being the darling of the show and the Lion ate vegetables. I, then told many people who were having kids, about Gali Gali Sim Sim. And to my surprize none of them had seen the programme before. Now , they are loving it !!

 I had no idea that gali gali sim sim was the indianized version of Sesame street untill i went to sea world ,Goldcoast, Australia; and saw a satge performance of the sesame street characters. The logo on their stage was same as that of the gali gali sim sim. Then I realized the similarity.

These days I’m not watching it but surely will do that with my kid when I’ll go back home. Thanks to the person, the team, behind the idea of spreading the Sesame workshop all over the world. Thanks to  Sesame Workshop international producer Nadine Zylstra. With one out of six children in the world living in India, the potential for positive change is breathtaking. Sesame Workshop hopes many children will benefit from the message Chamki gives, “Stay in school, study, work hard; there isn’t anything you can’t do.”




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Sea World – Gold Coast

Sea world is a theme park based on marine life and is situated at Sea World Drive, 3 km north of Surfers Paradise on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

How to get there?? Well, we took the Gold Coast train at 8:00 am from the roma street station and reached to Helensvale station in an hour. From there we got the bus for sea world and it took 25 minutes to reach there. 

the monorail

Monorail @Sea world

At the entrance we met Sesame street ( Gali Gali Sim Sim /pogo channel) characters, posing with kids. Kids were too happy to meet their favourite characters (Elmo looked the brightest of all). Near the entrance were the monorail station and the ropeway halt. For having a picturesque view of sea world, one must try the monorail and the ropeway. the best part is – these are free of cost. For a  wider and  bird eye view of the area, helicopter rides are there with a fee of 55 AUD /person /10 min approx.

After getting an idea of the place, we headed to the dolphin cove, where Beautiful dolphins were dancing to the tunes of human being. I knew that dolphins have got stong smelling- power and are capable of understanding human actions but knowing something and watching it are different aspects. A show was running demonstrating how we can live in harmony with other creatures of this planet. A trained staff was having a ride over a dolphin and it was too fast. Then those dolphins responded to palm movements, head movement of humans and to the rhythms. It’s magical for me to see the closeness of man and other animals. At least I can never try that.

There were several rides – jet rescue, cork screw – all horrifying for me. Screams of people who were riding scared me. One BERMUDA TRIANGLE RIDE was there which was not so speedy so I did not miss the chance. It showed the possible happenings which occurred to the lost planes and ships and was a good try.

 The Sesame Street Beach was a heaven for kids. It had train and helicopter rides, merry-go-round, bird bouncer, and a splash zone. A show featuring all sesame street characters was there and not only kids but everyone danced to their tunes.

Wait wait….in the animal section there were Polar Bears, sharks,sting rays, sea urchins, star fishes; and you could hand feed some of them. I wanted to spend some more time watching the beauty of sea world inhabitants but …..there’s always a time limit for everything (???????)

There were plenty of food stalls, food from outside is not allowed unless you have special dietary requirement.

It was a beautiful day in a beautiful place. I’m planning to go once more…..Amen !

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