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The city of Calgary


Calgary is a very beautiful city in Alberta province of Canada. Its one of the best tourist destinations in North America. The weather is quite characteristic with snowfalls from October till March/April. It has a long winter followed by a very short spring and summer with rains. I’m expecting to see fall colours during Autumn.

The city has a convenient system of C-Trains which is quite unique. There are numerous parks – a feature which I love the most about the city. The Calgary Public Library is one of the assets of the city with a very helping staff. It runs several programs throughout the year for people of all age group and ethnicity. It is one of the best places to visit if you are a newcomer and you want to become familiar with the city (and for your survival in an alien land). The superstores are Safeway (food and daily needs), CO-OP(Food), The Walmart (for everything else).

Wait, do you know that sometimes, temperature reaches to -40*C in winters, so how do people walk in that much of chill?? Well, Calgary has a very beautiful system of +15 Walkway which connects almost all important office buildings from one or another way, eateries, medicals, The beautiful Devonian Gardens (Indoor Garden), The TD square or the core shopping complex and others. So, just enter at any end of +15 walkway and reach your destination without coming out in the chilly weather. WOW !! That’s something marvelous !! A brilliant idea combined with engineering for Human Survival. Kudos to Calgary and its people for that !!

Well, penning down for today, but there’s much more stuff to see and explore, so come along…..


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